About Us

Founded in early 2007.

Survive Entertainment is a group of people united by a common vision for storytelling.  These tales are in the realm of survival horror (which is in itself a varying genre), allowing for a wide range of creativity.

Our purpose is to tell unique stories in this growing genre. We’ve all seen horror stuff, but it usually is scare tactics and hopelessness where everyone dies in the end (we call these “victim” stories). We aim to change that by including action, suspense, drama and other elements in our stories to make them more well-rounded and engaging – while still maintaining the edginess of horror.

We want to tell our stories through graphic novels, artwork, novels, motion pictures (whether film or animation, 3D included), and video games of various genres.  The stories are flexible enough to mold into several different mediums.

Founder and Head Writer: Tom

A long-time storyteller, gamer and zombie enthusiast.  We’re convinced he has whole universes living inside his mind.  Has a knack for creating complex plots and giving life to simple ideas.

Lead Artist: Angie

A self-taught digital artist, currently pursuing a career in video game art.  Graphic artist by trade, character designer by choice.  Been known to create a story scene based solely on a song.