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Survive: Book One

EDIT 2/26/15 – This page now only previews the first 2 chapters – as usual, this project is still very much in development.

Survive is our longest-running story, and it’s been on hiatus for a while.  The stories were originally posted on the forum in 2009, and they’ve recently been updated with big improvements on the writing and delivery of the story.  If you’ve read it already, the story is still in-tact and plot points are the same, however it is much easier to read and has more consistency.

There is plenty more that is written, just yet to be posted.  Survive has a lot of detailed points to it, so sometimes we get a little bogged trying to figure out how to best deliver it.  Hence, why it’s been 2 years since anything more has been posted.

We say “Book One” because this story is quite lengthy the way we have it planned.  It sort of set up like a trilogy, but since it’s all written out, it makes sense to call each part a “book.”

Here are quick links to the first 2 chapters as a preview.


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