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Musical Inspiration #3 (Kellie’s Diary #5) – “Prey for Me”

We may have posted this video before, but what the hell.  Many songs were in rotation during the creation of KD5, but this one was the clear winner from the beginning, even during the brainstorming phase.  This song fits more than ever now that we’re edging closer to the release date.

The cover for KD5 alludes to the much darker tone of this part of Kellie’s life.  To put it lightly, she’s going through hell.

We will drop more hints and information over the next 2 weeks, but for now, just listen.

Korn – “Prey for Me”

Musical Inspiration #2: “Meltdown”

We’ve been working steadily on Kellie’s Diary #4 (and more…), and this is the main vibe of what’s in store.

“Meltdown” – Love & Death

Music Inspiration #1 – Walking in Circles

So for the first post here, we’ll do the most obvious one.

This picture…

…was inspired by this song.  Sort of.

Dead by Sunrise“Walking in Circles”

(If you’re not familiar with this band, it is Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s side project with Julien-K.)

The idea came from Tom describing a later scene in Survive where Nathan gets lost in the desert, and somehow Angie thought of this song and made a concept picture for it.

There’s also a spoiler in the picture, for those with eagle eyes.  ; )


Music Section!

Amazingly enough, music is actually a very big influence in our creative process.

We’ll be using this section to showcase musicians/bands and songs that have had an impact on our projects.

More to come shortly.