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Merry Christmas!!

Dropping in to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and best wishes to all our fans and visitors!  We hope that you enjoy your time with friends/family/pets/whoever, wherever you are!

Again, we apologize for the lack of news lately.  Still dealing with some personal family stuff that reared up again, but this time we think it’ll be much easier.  Things ARE getting better, so no worries on that.  Thanks for hanging in there with us and for your god-like levels of patience and understanding.  :)  We have some big plans for 2016 … yes, that includes Kellie’s Diary #7 and more.

Prepare for the rebirth of Kellie.


Long Overdue Update

Hi Friends!

To answer your first question: yes, we are still writing KD7.  Our projects are not being abandoned by any means.  Now to explain ourselves.

For one, we have mentioned before that we do have full-time jobs outside of writing; even though we would like our art and projects to be full-time endeavors, this is just not feasible for us yet.  So this has always cut into our creative time, and it’s a continual hurdle.  Luckily, we have a wonderful person helping us with our social media so you won’t think we’re dead.  :)

The other more pressing thing is that over the last several months we’ve been dealing with some family health issues.  Without getting into too much detail, things appear to be fine for the moment, but it’s taken a lot out of us and the creative bug just wasn’t there since our attention’s been scattered.  We’ve tried many times to sit down and get back to writing, but honestly it was too difficult.  Dealing with that, we’ve had to find ways to decompress to prevent us from losing our minds, so in our downtime we’ve been gaming to take our mind off things – it’s something we’ve always done, since we’re lifelong gamers.

So we will be getting back to writing very soon, now that the dust appears to be settling.  Just didn’t want y’all to think we were dragging our feet.  We greatly appreciate all your support and understanding, and we will be back on track again!

-Tom & Angie

Thomas Jenner’s Top 10 Zombie Movies!


#10. Night of the Living Dead. (1968)
#9. Day of the Dead. (1985)
#8. Zombieland. (2009)
#7. Land of the Dead. (2005)
#6. Dawn of the Dead. (2004)
#5. World War Z. (2013)
#4. Shawn of the Dead. (2004)
#3. The Crazies. (2010)
#2. Resident Evil. (2002)
#1. I Am Legend. (2007)


The Next Paperback Collection…

Release date TBA – very soon!


OUT NOW: Kellie’s Diary #6

Available on Amazon, and other retailers soon to follow.


Kellie’s Diary #6 – January 13, 2015

We know, FINALLY!

But yes, the much-anticipated Kellie’s Diary #6 will be out next Tuesday, January 13 2015.  First on Amazon, then soon to follow on other retailers.


New Kellie Art

The editing is still in-progress for Kellie’s Diary #6 and the artwork is being done, but we are getting through it.  We should be able to nail down a release date very soon.

Latest KD6 Update – and Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re thankful for all you lovely fans. We’re also thankful that we’re not really IN a zombie apocalypse.

We hope we’re not speaking out of turn when we say…. the meat of the writing Kellie’s Diary #6 *may* be done soon. We’ll still have editing, beta-reading and artwork to do, but the hard part is almost over! Once the actual writing is done, we may be able to actually give a release date.  This one is going to be even longer than #5, by the way.

In the meantime, here’s another song – this made us think of Kellie in The Pit.

UPDATE 12/1/14 – The writing is complete!  We’re now in the preliminary editing phase!

Kellie’s Diary #6 – Cover Reveal

FALL 2014

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s coming.  Let us know your thoughts on the cover, and if you have any thought as to where the story is headed!


Just wanted to share this video.  If you’ve ready Kellie’s Diary #5, you’re already aware of the horrific things depicted.  This video gives a brief overview of the types of things touched on.  You know we’re not really the soap-box-y type of people, but the subject of human trafficking is very important to us.

Please watch and share this video, and if you aren’t already, get yourself educated on the subject.  There’s some scary shit out there.